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455 Curtiss Road
Barksdale Air Force Base, LA, 71110
United States


I am a quirky artist with a passion for fun colors, laughter and family fun. You can see a bit of me in each item I create from an original piece of drawing, painting, writing, children's book and t-shirt. 


Collection of t-shirts, leggings, bags, books and more created by JCV Creates from original art.

Summer Gator

Super Soft Womans Summer Gator Tshirt.jpg
Super Soft Womans Summer Gator Tshirt.jpg

Summer Gator


This super soft white fitted womans tshirt is adorn with the image of “Summer Gator.” This fun smiling lazy alligator is resting in shallow water under the sunset. Two parrots are watching him from the tree branches above while a cascade of colorful flowers surround them in their little piece of paradise. Art is a watercolor painting created and copyright by JCV.

Note: Shirt is slightly transparent, so if you are more modest you might perfer to purchase a size bigger than you normally wear. I enjoy and feel confident in one size greater than my normal size.

Art created and copyright by JCV.

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